Sunday, April 5, 2009

what's been going on with the littles

Here's a quick update on the littles. These last few weeks before break we: made a collaborative rainbow for the hallway, drew blackline leprechauns and watercolored them, made tissue paper rainbows, colored eggs, had fun making our names with letter beads, made wind batons and tested them out, blew bubbles, filled the sidewalk with chalk, played some new board games, had an Easter egg hunt, made carrot prints, and had a Peter Rabbit puppet show.

I'm busy planning for the rest of the year. When we return from break we'll learn about the farm and do an alphabet review. I finally found these cool Fisher Price Peek a Boo Blocks that I've been searching for. They'll be great for some alphabet games. I paid way too much for them (totally going against my new plan for using only what I already have) but I couldn't resist. I've been bidding on them on e-bay for way too long. When I saw them at Target I couldn't believe it! I really need to get a life. What other 45 year old gets that excited by alphabet blocks?!

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