Friday, April 17, 2009

frenemies or "pitiful talk"

Jen was excited by this week's newsletter at Goop so of course I had to pull it up.  And yes, Jen, I totally agree.  But you know you weren't gossiping when you shared info about the health department.  Even if the info was misinformation, you were just sharing misinformation.  Nothing you said could hurt someone's feelings.  Well, maybe it hurt the apples feelings because they won't be included in our snack menu if we have to go pre-packaged.  Okay, you know what I mean.  This reminded me that when Leslie was about 3 she overheard my mom talking on the phone and apparently Leslie felt she was gossiping because when my mom got off the phone Leslie said, "Grandma, that was pitiful talk."  Oh, my little precocious child.  From then on my family has used the term pitiful talk.  At school, I always try to remind the kids that if they say something nice it makes them feel nice inside.  I guess we need to remember this, too.  

Okay, sorry this wasn't much of a blog.  Really more of an e-mail to Jen.  Sorry I'm too lazy to retype it as an email.  That's a lot of sorry, huh?

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timhewins said...

you are so right! we should practice what we preach to the littles!