Wednesday, April 1, 2009

best friends

I just read a blog from a cool German girl (okay, lady) ( & she wrote: I don't need a lot of friends, just a few good ones. I totally agree with this. I am so happy to have a few really amazing girlfriends. They listen when I need an ear. They make me laugh. They make me feel valued. They lift me up when I need it. They help me come back to earth when I'm floating away . . . Thank you, friends!

I am also very blessed to have my very best girl friend living right here in my house. Yes, Leslie, I know that I still have to do all the mom stuff (taking you for your shot today, sorry) but I love that we connect. We have fun doing girlfriend stuff, too. And I think it's pretty cool that you call us "The Gilmore Girls". It is such an honor to guide you through this life and share all of the miracles that happen every day with such a smart, artistic, funny, happy girl. You were so worth the wait.

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leslie said...

touching, mother.