Sunday, April 5, 2009

some sites i'm loving

Okay, so I am totally hooked on this blogging thing. I'm addicted. Can't get enough. Am frantically trying to figure out a way to access a computer this summer so I don't have to go for almost 4 entire weeks without a blog fix. Hmmm. . . this isn't good. Anyway, here are a few of the blogs I am following: (the coolest kid on the block) (the coolest kid's latest artistic endeavors) (fun for curing writer's block)

So many blogs . . . so little time . . . This has been a very relaxing weekend. I got to spend lots of time with my beloved blogs. I cleaned my house. I read many, many chapters in Life is a Verb (love this book!). I almost got caught up on my laundry. We ate yummy but strange little meals at odd times (brie drizzled with vanilla jelly and wee little toasts - heaven). We discovered a new restaurant (AZN Grill). And now the entire week lies out ahead of me. Just waiting to be filled with relaxing and reading and lunching. Oh yeah, and Leslie's science project :(

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Clemencia said...

Wow! thanks so much for posting a link to my blog :) even though I haven't post much lately, I am hooked into this blogging also... addicting lol
I love your blog also :)