Tuesday, April 7, 2009

a day in the life . . .

Another lazy day off . . . I got Leslie's deposit and paperwork for camp mailed off. And Jen called to tell me about an amazing book score from her neighbor. So I whined a little so she'd let me come over and look too. And I got a trunk full of books! Yeah!!! Can never have too many books. Thanks, Jen:)
Other highlights of the day: Leslie's new do. She looks so cute with short hair. But it makes her look so grown up. Well, even more grown up. Another stomach ache (had to test my dairy theory and I am pretty sure it is the cause) so I pulled out boo boo bear and heated him up. Worked wonders. Some tea helped, too. And I sat on my porch and read my new favorite book. Very inspiring. It's funny because whenever I read this book, I think of someone else that I should tell about it. So, to all of my friends, please read this book. It is truly life changing.

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timhewins said...

i am going to buy the book today!