Saturday, April 11, 2009

happy easter

Okay, yes I know my playlist is empty.  My computer got a virus that has been driving us crazy and I am pretty sure it was from downloading the Killers song.  So . . . long story short - we have new Macbooks and I don't want anymore problems!  It will probably be a little time before I can actually post photos as I am really slow with any technology.  Sad, but true.  Right now I am struggling with trying to get my ipod to sync.  I have 1100 songs but only 200 will sync (only the ones I purchased at I-tunes).  Any ideas?  Next up is transferring all of my teaching files.  This should be fun.  My answer was to hire Geek Squad but Bret has other ideas.  Ideas I don't like much (which require lots of time and lots of yelling!).  Ah well.  

Hope everyone has a blessed Easter.  (Leslie already found her basket tonight!)