Tuesday, March 2, 2010

watercolor free for all

There is something about painting with watercolors on a stormy day . . . So, while the wind blew and the rain tried to come in under the door (!), some of the littles visited today's creation station which was set up with liquid watercolor, trays of cake watercolor, white crayons, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, salt, and sponges for doing wet on wet.

Even though we have tried crayon resist on several occasions, it never ceases to amaze the littles when the picture they draw with the white crayon magically appears when they apply watercolor on top of it!

Almost everyone got into the fun of throwing some salt on top of finished paintings. (We used Kosher salt because it was what I had in the pantry.) This was the first time we've tried this and the results were very pretty. Several children wanted to try laying plastic wrap over their artwork. They were impatient for things to dry, though, and wanted to see the results right away!

The wet on wet paintings were amazing. The littles love this technique: simply wet the watercolor paper with a sponge and then begin painting. The paint flows differently than it does on dry paper.

I'm happy that the sun is going to shine tomorrow - but every now and then I don't really mind a rainy day.

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