Wednesday, March 3, 2010

garden sukkot

Last night, Leslie began building a garden sukkot in the woods near our house. Our family first became familiar with these little huts when Leslie was attending a small progressive school in Michigan. Leslie took classes with names like E I E I O (they visited a neighboring farm and cared for animals), Woods Walk (a nature walk which ended at 'the very viney tree' where they could draw and write in journals), and Swamping (just what it sounds like!). Garden Sukkot was another one of Leslie's classes. The children found sticks and twigs in the woods surrounding the school and went to work constructing a little hut complete with log seating.

Leslie may be a teenager now - but she still has a lot of that little girl in the woods left in her. She'll still catch the occasional lizard. She isn't afraid of bugs. And she is just as happy building a little fort in the woods as she was when she was 7. I love that about her. That she isn't afraid to be who she is and do the things she loves. Love. This. Girl.


Teacher Tom said...

I love the idea of a garden sukkot. I only think of them as things built for religious purposes, but why not make them year round?

Leslie sound like someone I'd like to know!

leslie said...