Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I generally don't do television with the littles. Actually, I never do television with the littles. But today was a stormy day and we needed a bit of exercise and namaste. We invited the 3 year olds to join us and we all had a great time bending and stretching to Yoga Kids. (Hey Jen, let's invest in yoga mats when we open our school!)


Ms. Jessi said...

We LOVE Yoga in our class. :) Is there anywhere that sells kid sized yoga mats? Or, I suppose you could cut an adult size in half?

Kat said...

Lotus Pad makes really nice child sized mats - but they are pricey. I've seen small mats in yoga studios and even at Whole Foods. I may try to check Target the next time I'm there though. It could be very expensive to buy them for an entire class. Maybe I'll write a grant!!!

Jen said...

lol! we can definitely find room in the budget for yoga mats! or somebody should give us a grant for those???