Saturday, March 6, 2010

paper sculpture

I introduced paper sculpture at the art table this week. As we were discussing sculpture and looking at books with photos of sculptures, one of the littles said, "Oh, I know! A sculpture is what I-Carly's brother made on t.v.!!!" Thankfully, I have a teen in my house and I knew what she was talking about :)

Here's what we started with: pieces of cardboard to use as a base, strips of colored paper that some of the littles had cut a few weeks ago (just for the fun of it!), small pieces of colored paper in different sizes, markers, Scotch tape, and masking tape. I showed the littles how to fold the paper accordion style and how to make a paper chain and then I just moved away. I loved what I was observing. Cooperation. Perseverance (tape is hard to deal with!). Attention to detail.

I just saw a new blog this morning (new to me that is): Laugh, Paint, Create! She writes about hanging sculptures. I think the littles will LOVE this new twist. Can't wait to introduce the idea.


Teacher Tom said...

Thank you for this reminder. It's not just colored paper, it's CONSTRUCTION paper!

Sheryl said...

We are big into construction, paper, tape, and creating right now in our 3's class. I know they'd love this. Thank you!

Erin Laughpaintcreate said...

I just found you too! :) Thanks for the mention. I LOVE your blog! So many fun things to read more!

Erin :)