Saturday, March 20, 2010

chalk festival

Leslie is participating in the chalk festival this weekend. She's painting the queen from Alice in Wonderland using powdered paint mixed with water. I'm anxious to try this with the littles. It has amazing coverage and dries quickly. I think they will love the medium. This is Leslie's work in progress. It has been great for her to do it in front of an audience. She has grown so much as an artist in the past year. And I'm incredibly happy that she has already found something in life that she loves and that brings her joy.


Ayn Colsh said...

Wow~ what talent! That's beautiful, Kat. She's lucky to have a mom that loves her and supports her like you!

Jen said...

wow! I wish I came back Sunday (before the rain) to see the finished is AMAZING! Leslie you are AMAZING!

Pumpkin Delight said...

That is amazing. What an incredible artist. I saw this movie last weekend and she was my favorite character. :)