Monday, May 25, 2009

We received an offer on the house today.  We counter-offered and haven't heard back from them yet . . . Not sure if I am elated or deflated.  hmmm.  If we do indeed sell the house then that propels us into some sort of a decision.  Action is needed.  But what action?  Which is the best action?  You know me, lover of comfort and familiarity.  I do realize that inaction is making a decision of sorts.  It is deciding to do nothing.  So, I leave myself in God's hands.  And everything seems to be coming together.  But still I am stuck in this limbo of indecision.  Stay or go?  

Leslie is so brave.  She says that going is a new adventure.  She is not afraid to venture into the unknown.  (Yes, I know that Michigan is not exactly an unknown for us.)  We have lived in Florida for exactly half of her life.  What impact will our decision now have on our future - her future?  It will probably help to determine where she will go to college.  Certainly it will change who her first boyfriend is.  Where her first job is.  Where she hangs out with friends after school.  

This is so hard.  Harder even than when we decided to leave Michigan to come here.  Back then I was naive enough to believe that it would be easy to undo any change we made.  Just pack up and move back.  Yeah, right.  

Today we all made pro/con lists for staying and going.  I will miss my friends here.  It will be hard to be so far from my parents for most of the year.  I will hate leaving my job without the knowledge that I have another job with littles to look forward to.  I do know that whatever we decide I will be melancholy with regret for which ever place we did not chose.  

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