Friday, May 29, 2009

things to like on a friday . . .

*sitting with the littles during snack and asking them to go around the table and tell one thing they'll really miss about pre-k (playground, art projects, etc) and unprompted (i promise) they all said me.  wow.  i almost lost it.  they are sweeter than sweet.  sweetness with a cherry on top.  
totally made my day.

*impromptu lunch with jen & grant

*leslie dressing jack up in doll clothes that i brought home from school (just like when she was a little!  some things never change)

*driving lou to school this morning & getting to do the morning chat thing - love that & i always miss it cuz dad does the morning thing

*chatting with char & feeling a little better about the enormity of the move (it helps that she is going through it too!)

*the whole weekend stretching out before us - love that

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