Sunday, May 17, 2009

sunday morning: what inspires me today

*design sponge blog - i love that the world is so small when you have the web 
*sunday morning t.v. show- they always have such interesting segments, reminds me of visiting my grandmother for some reason
*fresh simple food- we ate lunch at cafe normandie yesterday & i can't wait to recreate the salad 
*leslie's creativity- she is always up for trying new materials and a new project - we're going to buy some ink and real caligraphy pens and play today
*organization- thinking, thinking, thinking of some new ways to organize all of my children's books
*black ballet flats that i spied in the window of a shop downtown yesterday
*a clean house
*the photos on 3191 miles apart
*nyc, asheville, portland, philadelphia, vancouver . . . lake orion


leslie said...
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leslie said...

"black flats i spied in the window..."
that just made the post lol
you probably had a dream about them too