Saturday, May 2, 2009

my weekend eight

*the farmer's market (for olive oil soaps that smell other-worldly and the best pasties i've had since bret's finnish grandma passed away)
*a long nap that totally changed my perspective and helped me escape this pregnancy-like tired i've been feeling of late
*my crazy girl who finally finally finally talked us into RED hair (& she looks so cute, by the way)
*finishing lesson plans and newsletters and prep for school & feeling pretty good about where all the kids are for the end of the year
*two new outfits from j jill and j crew last night (and they made the list because, while they might not make me look skinny, they do not make me look fat)
*some good dvd's from the 50% off sale at borders that we'll all watch as a family tonight (which leads into . . .)
*having leslie at the age where i can share some of my favorite old movies with her
*anticipating an evening beach walk

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