Friday, May 22, 2009

happy birthday to me

46 good things about being 46:

not afraid to talk in front of a crowd
not afraid to stand up for myself or my daughter or what i believe in
not afraid to be alone
i understand myself and my motivation better
understand motivation of others better
not easily upset by the little stuff that happens anymore (unless i have pms)
i do things because i want to and not because i have to
understand that i have a responsibility to give back (looking for more ways to do this)
don't overly obsess about a clean house
remember to do what's important:  tell leslie i love her everyday, be in the moment with the people that i love
have learned to listen more and talk less (really working on this as i am a chatterbox by nature)
am becoming a better teacher because i'm stepping back and listening more
really trying to be a better daughter and sister by not taking my family for granted
realizing what really matters to me
feeling content
feeling brave
feeling confident that things will work out as they should
making sure i get my 12 hugs a day (leslie and the littles really help here)
taking time for quiet, time to just be and reflect and not be on
trying to make time for creativity
pushing myself to do things i don't necessarily want to do because they are out of my comfort zone
trying not to mindlessly chatter to fill silence
embrace silence
being comfortable in my body and accepting it with all of it's attributes and flaws
knowing my limitations
listening to my body and taking better care of it
trying to be conscious of what i'm putting in my body to nourish it - not eating for comfort
realizing that not everyone is going to like me and realizing that that is okay
discovering how much i like to blog
feeling like i still have time to do something big
loving my relationship with my teenager who is a really lovely human being
feeling strong in my marriage but also realizing that a marriage is only as strong as the work you put into it
remembering to share my memories and stories of my grandparents with leslie so they can be a part of who she is too
learning to forgive
learning to move on
remembering to be kind
trying hard not to be judgemental and to put myself in someone else's shoes
strengthening my relationship with God
taking responsibility for my actions
trying to help and not hurt
trying to learn new things
trying to push myself
trying to put myself out there more 
remembering to be thankful
accepting the fact that i am middle aged! (wow, that was hard)
embracing the fact that i am middle aged (okay, that one is going to take some work . . .)

happy birthday to me.  i think 46 is a nice even number.  

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