Saturday, February 21, 2009

why i love saturday or how i'm trying to love swf

so, after a horrible headache (yes, again) yesterday, i felt i deserved a do-nothing saturday morning. it was delicious to sleep in and then lay in bed reading for hours - up for some tea and scones - then back to reading. i didn't get out of my pj's until 1 or so. very nice.

then, around 3 we all got it together and headed for an art festival downtown. they are always having an art festival downtown but this happens to be the one i actually really like. it's in the park. it's a little more creative than the usual offering. anyway. last year i met this artist that i really like. he reminds me so much of Arnold, my step-grandfather (who was such a cool, extremely bright, artistic, and kind human being). his name is nandor horthy and he's from toronto. i loved his work last year and was dying to buy something. this year, bret and i both went straight for the same piece of art. nandor said it is his favorite piece and one of his oldest but for some reason it never sells. well, i HAD to have it. so. . . i begged a little. and reminded bret that i never did get my bedspread for Christmas. and i do have a birthday coming in just 3 short months. and now that lovely little piece of art is hanging in my dining room. i am SO in love with it. happy birthday to me!

after the fair, we grabbed pizza and walked around town. then we joined the crowd and headed for the beach. i'm not a lay in the sun girl, but i really do love the beach in the evening. it was cool but not cold and extremely crowded but we sat in the sand and goofed around and got dirty looks from some older people sitting in front of us and had a really happy fun night. i am so trying to make the most of living in paradise.


timhewins said...

so i'm dying to see the art!!?? why no pic? love the beach have inspired us to go on sunday!

leslie said...

bahahaha! i think we ruined the sunset with my 'midget' picture