Tuesday, February 10, 2009

10 things that make me happy

Took les to the dentist and got to spend 45 minutes reading junky magazines. Love it. Nothing like doing something I love and not feeling guilty that I'm not accomplishing something. Anyway - discovered a new-ish magazine that i love - Domino. It's a kind of hip cousin to Architectural Digest. On the back page, they have a feature called '10 things that make me happy' where someone (famous?) gives you a list of stuff they can't live without at this particular date and time. Well, here's my list for February 10, 2009:

Zhena's Gypsy Tea in cocoa-berry (okay, yum)
Levi's (loving that they fit my big booty and somewhat smaller waist + i'm kinda into retro)
Tom's shoes (it's so cool that they donate a pair to kids - also they remind me of France)
StriVectin (amazing)
'Sharing Your Story' by Ali Edwards (can't wait to get into it & lift some ideas)
Snapfish (so nice not having to drive down to Ritz any more)
Method dryer sheets (smell so good & supposedly okay for the world & our bodies)
Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies (okay, they make me feel a little guilty but . . . yum)
my new car (even though i say i'm not a car girl, it is pretty fun to drive)

Okay, gotta go do the dinner thing so i can reward myself with some thin mints and tea and get into the Ali Edwards book . . .

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