Monday, February 9, 2009

Seafood Festival

Okay, so every year Bret wants to go to the Seafood Festival which is basically a carnival where they sell tons and tons of fried seafood. Wellllll . . . you know me and my food issues . . . we don't really trust carny food and even if this is a small step up from carny food still not trusting it. Also, you must add in the traffic which crawls at a snail's pace on a 2 lane road (with lots of motorcycle traffic trying to pass you because for some reason bikers love this place) and then once you finally arrive so many people that you can barely push your way through. You must hold your pee all day unless you don't mind porta-potties (I do) or you can try to sneak into a restaurant where they have many handwritten signs warning you not to use their facilities. Okay, so you're getting a clear picture, right? Well, here's the funny thing. Even though I don't trust the food and love clean bathrooms available to me at all times, I actually like the Seafood Festival. I love the little small town atmosphere and all of the people that are so real and so not Fifth Avenue. It reminds me of the Fish Fly Festival in New Baltimore. It kinda feels like home. Scary.

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