Wednesday, February 11, 2009

25 random things

1 I'm a Gemini & I really do have 2 personalities - sometimes very social and sometimes very inward and quiet.

2 I have trouble remembering numbers.

3 Life w/o tea would be too sad. Tea is my ultimate comfort food.

4 It's weird how a lot of my friends have lots in common with my husband.

5 I love Meg Ryan movies and always wanted to look like her. Went to many hair stylists trying to get my hair to have that Meg Ryan look. Successful? No.

6 My sense of style is pretty similar to what it has always been. If you look at pictures of me when I was 12, I am probably wearing something that I would wear today. Very early in my life I decided what I thought was cool and I haven't wavered much.

7 If I could leave my house with only a few items, the quilt my granny made me would be among them. It is my comfort when I feel bad, cold, out of sorts , nostalgic . . .

8 I like the way Bret's knees smell. Okay, weird, I know.

9 I had a minor in film in college.

10 I almost named Leslie: Willow, Isabel (Bella), or Hannah but I'm happy that I chose Leslie

11 I always read about a third of a book (maybe half) and then skip to find out how it ends. Then I go back and finish the book. I don't like surprises. I want to know how everything is going to play out. It kills me to wait. You get it . .

12 So, if you read #11, it won't surprise you that I don't wait to open (or give) gifts either. If you send me a Christmas present 2 weeks before Christmas you can be pretty sure I've opened it 2 weeks before Christmas.

13 Bret almost always makes my breakfast.

14 My first car was a tangerine Mustang. My parents bought it for my 16th birthday.

15 I was a Brownie and then a Girl Scout for one year. When Leslie was small I was her Daisy and Brownie leader. (By the way, I loved my Brownie uniform. I thought the beenie was way cool.)

16 I loved Donny Osmond when I was in 4th grade. I talked my mom into taking me to see him in concert. I also talked her into buying me a purple hat just like his. I never wore it.

17 I don't really love driving and I get out of it whenever I can.

18 I had to take swim lessons at the Y when I was in 3rd grade. They made us dive off the high board and I did a belly smacker. I have never tried to dive since.

19 I used to get my brother to let me put make-up on him. When we played school, I was always the teacher. When we played games, I always got to decide which one. It must have really sucked to have been my brother.

20 Bret was my first real boyfriend (that I could actually go on dates with and not just hold hands with in the hall).

21 Every time I had a wish (a birthday candle wish, a fountain wish, a first star wish), I wished to be a mom.

22 When I was little I wanted to be a waitress. Then, in 7th grade, I decided I wanted to be a model. In high school it was a buyer for a department store. In college it was a writer. But I am so happy that I finally decided to become a teacher.

23 I am just coming to the realization that having too much stuff is limiting. It stiffles creativity. It causes inertia. I have too much craft stuff and too much teacher stuff and I don't know how I'm going to pare down, but I am. (Bret would say I have too many dishes, too.)

24 I really, really, really try to live w/0 regrets. But, if I had to list only one then it would be that Leslie didn't stay at Upland Hills school. I love that wild little place in the woods where she was able to totally be herself.

25 I miss having parties like we used to have in Michigan. Impromptu or planned. A few friends or lots of friends and neighbors and family. I miss entertaining. Why don't we do it here?


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