Monday, February 23, 2009


went to lake worth with char & carlos for the annual chalk festival. the chalk art was amazing and les was totally inspired. i was inspired by the town itself. sometimes i get so down because i feel like a fish out of water here. there are actually places that have michigan-like qualities in fl! (unfortunately 2 hours away!) they have a film house that shows a different independent film every day . . . right next door is a charming little community theatre . . . and next to that is a yoga studio where they had guys playing african drums while they taught the class. tons of cute restaurants & lots of them are ethnic. adorable and affordable art galleries. okay, you do have to drive through a kind of scary area to get downtown but . . . i don't know what it is about naples. it is lovely. and new. and expensive. and i try so hard to really feel like it's home. i want it to be home. but sometimes i just don't feel those roots growing. why is that?

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