Wednesday, April 7, 2010

zen gardens - well, sort of . . .

Today we made a preschooler's version of a zen garden. I'm pretty sure they were listening as I explained that Zen gardens come from Japan. They are supposed to make you feel calm and peaceful. I think they heard that patterns are raked into the sand to represent water. Little rocks and shells can be people, or mountains, or islands. Okay, cool, they are shaking their heads and contributing suggestions. So, I hand out supplies: shoebox lids, sand (we used colored sand because I didn't have white), small rocks, a few shells, and plastic forks to use as rakes. The littles loved piling up the sand with their hands and letting it run through their fingers. The fork-rakes were okay but hands were so much better as far as they were concerned. Basically, we made little mini sandboxes with buried rocks and shells. Not what I had planned, but totally fun and okay by me.

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