Friday, April 23, 2010

pizza party

I really needed today to be Friday. For some unknown reason I've been tired and dragging all week long. So this morning we had a four hour pizza party to jazz things up a bit. To start, we made these paper plate pizza pies. The littles colored the crust and then painted on red sauce. They tore construction paper for toppings. We made a chart listing all of the pizza toppings we could think of and thought up crazy ingredients as well. We graphed our favorite kinds of pizza. And, we read Pete's a Pizza. The littles adored this book. It was one of those "Read it again! Read it again!" books for them. After I read it a few times, we acted it out. The littles were the pizzas and I was the pizza chef. They laid on the floor and I kneaded their backs and sprinkled them with pretend oil and flour. They bubbled up in the oven and then I had to cut them in pieces. Again, littles were in love. During centers, I put out the flannel board and flannel pizza ingredients. I also put the Melissa & Doug wooden Pizza Party in the housekeeping center. A lunch of delicious cheese pizza finished off the morning. And tomorrow is Saturday - I'm sleeping in!


Teacher Tom said...

Oh Kat, I love Pete's A Pizza. I especially like acting it out. In fact Steig is my favorite children's book author. We read Rotten Island, Solomon the Rusty Nail, The Zabajaba Jungle, Shrek, Brave Irene, and Grown Ups Get To Do All the Driving (I once had a parent unilaterally remove it from the classroom, but it has since returned).

Have a relaxing weekend!

Ayn Colsh said...

I love Pete's A Pizza! My copy has gone MIA and our local library doesn't have it...(HUH????), so I guess I need to order a new one. It's always such a fun read!