Saturday, April 10, 2010

birthday celebrations

I love everything about birthdays. A celebration of the day you were born - how cool is that? Balloons, presents, games, cake, friends . . . I just don't get it when people don't want to celebrate their special day. So what if you're turning 47? And if you happen to be turning 5? Well, I personally feel that the 5th birthday deserves extra special fanfare and celebration. And so . . . in my classroom this is how we celebrate: The birthday child wears a crown (of course). Every child gets a treat (small toy) from the birthday treasure box because it is a party. I put out a piece of poster board in the morning and draw a cake in the center with a little message from me and then ask each child (as he/she comes in) to draw/write something for the birthday child. (One of my former students, who is now 15, told me that she still has her poster from kindergarten!) Parents send in a treat and we share it at snack or after lunch. And of course we sing "Happy Birthday" - before the treat and during circle. At one of the schools that my daughter attended, they asked parents to come in and share stories about the birthday child. How do you celebrate birthdays?

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