Thursday, May 13, 2010

I love it when you share something that you think is absolutely fabulous with someone and they "get it". You are both shaking your heads in a knowing way. You are both thinking, "Yes, this is really great, isn't it?" There is nothing better than when I get that feeling with the littles. When we are on the same page. Today was one of those days. I read one of my favorite books of all-time: The Paper Princess by Elisa Kleven. I purchased this book for Leslie when she was a little. We spent hours sitting together pouring over the amazing mixed media collages. Over and over I read the story of the little girl that creates a magical paper doll who is swept away with the wind. There is something about this book that just makes you want to create something. Today the littles sat mesmerized as I read this magical book. Their eyes were glued to the pages as I held them up a little longer so they could take in every playful detail. I love it when they are truly engaged. And I love, love, love that they were intensely engaged with this particular book that I hold in such high esteem :)

I had some multi-cultural paper doll cut-outs in my stash. They found their way to the art center today and several of the littles made their own princes and princesses. So sweet.


Erin Laughpaintcreate said...

I think I picked up the same cut outs at Michael's this week! I am doing a dress the paper doll class next week. I hope ours turn out as cute! I am going to have to find that book, I have not heard of it. (might be because I have 2 boys?) :)

Brilliant posts!

Steve and Stella said...

too cute!!! Come here to be my little one teacher!!!!