Tuesday, May 11, 2010

color families

The primary colors are fine but my littles appreciate the really big boxes of crayons and they want to know all of the color names. Blush, olive, blue bell, raw sienna. Even the newly named unmellow yellow and macaroni and cheese. We are becoming experts in color mixing and this week we had a color sorting center where the littles got to sort paint chips and crayons into color families. "Should this crayon be in the blue family or the green?" One little put it in between since she thought it should be in both. After sorting the crayons we bundled them by family and taped them together for some coloring fun.

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The Sunshine Crew said...

Cool idea to tape the crayons together for the color families.
Have enjoyed reading your blog this morning and have signed up to follow your blog.
Hope that you will pop by to check out my blog.