Saturday, January 30, 2010

smelly paint (and dough)

I try to find ways to use some of our five senses whenever I can. This week we made smelly paint. We modified Ms.Jessi's (gettingmessywithmsjessi) puffy fingerpaint recipe. We mixed unscented shaving cream, a little Elmer's glue, and a packet of Kool-Aid to create a really creamy, yummy smelling paint that felt so nice on our hands and made our classroom smell like my childhood! My little's had never seen or tasted Kool-Aid. I guess that explains why I had such a difficult time finding it at the grocery store.

We also made teacher Sallie's famous Kool-Aid playdough, starting out with the basic homemade dough recipe and adding Kool-Aid rather than food color.

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Teacher Tom said...

What a great idea. Now I'm thinking about adding cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and other spices to paint.

I love when my hands smell good all day!