Thursday, January 28, 2010

rondo vario

Some of my littles still need some shape recognition help so I was excited to find this simple wooden bead game which not only provides shape recognition but also color recognition and fine motor practice. To play, you toss two dice and determine a color and shape combo. Beads are strung together to make caterpillars. The littles found this game to be very exciting and once I gave the entire group instructions it was fairly easy for most groups to do it on their own. I love it when something is simple, fun, and has educational value to boot.


Ms. Jessi said...

Cute game! Where did you find it??

Kat said...

I bought it at a local teacher store. It really is cute - and it held their interest for a surprising amount of time. Once they finished the "game" they wanted to just build bugs on their own.