Saturday, January 23, 2010


I spend a lot of time writing lesson plans, thinking about developmental objectives, forming and reforming my personal philosophy of teaching. But I realize more and more that when I don't worry so much about what I need to accomplish and simply listen to what it is the children need I am amazed by the learning that takes place. Our school doesn't allow children to bring toys and things from home. (They do anyway.) Yesterday one of my littles brought in a treasure map. I noticed it peeking out from under her shirt! (She knew that some adult would be asking her to put it in her cubby.) As we prepared to go outside she quietly asked me if she could bring a treasure map. And I am so happy that I listened to my inner voice. More than half of the class spent their entire time outdoors searching for treasure, cooperating, sharing, and meeting many of those developmental objectives that I'm always so worried about.

Another fun thing we did yesterday was bring out the silk scarves during circle time. Silk scarves have always been one of my favorite props for the preschool classroom. They can be made into capes and pirate headgear and princess dresses and lakes and pastures for the farm animals and coverings for a hide-out and blankets for the baby dolls and . . . Because I came to this group of littles in November I've been slowly changing things and introducing them to things that would have been in my classroom from the start. They were in love with the scarves. The color. The texture. The way they move through the air. The scarves are taking up permanent residence in our classroom.


Jen said...

you're an awesome teacher!

Teacher Tom said...

My best (and worst) days are the ones I planned the least. In fact, I'm starting to believe that planning is overrated.

I love sitting down to circle time with no idea what we're going to do. Sometimes we wind up making up wonderful and songs, and have incredible group conversations about important things. Sometimes we crash and burn! But we do it together, which is what it's all about.

I'm glad I found you!

Kat said...

thanks, that's really nice :)

Ms. Jessi said...

Nice job, Kat!! You are doing an amazing job. Letting them take charge-now that is what makes our job so easy!! Ha!!