Tuesday, September 8, 2009

4 things

4 things i'm looking forward to: opening my own school, being my own boss, making cupcakes tomorrow, and seeing a movie with jen this week . . .

4 things i did yesterday: saw the time traveler's wife, swam in my new pool for the 1st time, slept in until 8, had lunch with b and l at our favorite sushi place

4 things i wish i could do: play on a kick ball team, run in a marathon, have more courage, speak fluent French

4 shows i like to watch: grey's anatomy, the new adventures of old christine, a new show called glee (i loved the pilot anyway), Anthony Bourdain's no reservations

4 creative things i did this month: tweaked some old recipes, finished leslie's K-8 scrapbook, arranged our stuff in our new house, made a collage wall in leslie's room

4 wonderful blogs: goop.com, daisyyellow.squarespace.com, flipflopsandapplesauce.blogspot.com, aliedwards.typepad.com

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