Monday, August 24, 2009

Day 1 of being a stay at home mom to a high schooler!

Day 1 began at 5:40. A wee bit early for my liking. Said high schooler was up and ready to be out the door at 6:40. Small debate on whether or not she should wear the school spirit shirt that the principal handed out at orientation. My little "I'm an orange, not an apple" of course opted for no school spirit shirt. After dropping her off in car line (which went really quickly I must say), Bret and I went out to a "Can you believe our child is in high school!!!!????" breakfast. B. was teary eyed which I found very endearing. I dropped B. at work (maybe we don't need 2 cars any longer!!!) and came home to finish unpacking very last box, do 3 loads of laundry, and upload all of our vacation photos. It's only 10:00 and I'm taking a tea break but feel like I already need a nap! I think I'm going to like this stay at home mom stuff very much thank you!

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