Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Fall has always been my favorite time. Going back to school. A feeling of change in the air. Something ending and something new beginning. Even moving to a tropical climate couldn't dampen my enthusiasm for the season. We may not get autumn color or leaves to rake but I still feel that little kid excitement for the start of the school year and all that autumn brings.

This year, more is changing in our lives than in years past. A new home. A new business venture. High school. Me not going back to the classroom. Kind of makes my head spin just writing about it. Typically I'm not so great with the unknown but I'm feeling like I should maybe embrace all of this newness. I think I'm ready for change. I wouldn't say I was bored but I was definitely complacent.

I don't know what this season is going to bring for us but I'm a little excited to find out . . . For once, I'm not going to spend all of my time planning out what my life should be. And I'm pretty excited about the possibilities.

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