Thursday, July 2, 2009

turning over a new leaf

kay, b. & l. & I have turned over a new leaf.  we are not going to say negative things about this paradise we live in.  we are not going to complain about too many cranky seniors, or the lack of this or that, or even the weather (welllll . . . maybe the weather).  here is my list of reasons to love swf:

*the beach
*the boating
*lots of sunshine
*everything here is new and they were picky about zoning so there are no weird signs all over the place and no tacky stuff like in ft. lauderdale
*the rest of the world vacations here
*there are lots of nice places to drive to for a weekend away
*cafe normandie, miss saigon, food & thought, passage to india & all of the other little places we like to eat
*our cute downtown
*the new gelato place
*the farmer's market
*our new whole foods

ps  found that missing post . . . it just popped up out of nowhere


timhewins said...

and jen

Kat said...

yes, and jen

lvisconti said...

You have forced me to learn and participate in this new media. Winters are harsh and overrated...staying in the sun is better :) V

Kat said...

Yeah, Lisa! I knew I could eventually wear you down. Well, I hoped!