Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hey, I could swear I posted another blog 2 days ago!  Disappeared!  Oh well, maybe in my moving haze  I accidentally didn't publish the post.  I do have a bit of a full plate right now.  Moving is not just boxes but also a million little details to tidy up.  Going on an almost 4 week holiday right after the closings isn't helping matters much.  Leslie and I won't even actually spend a night in the new house until we return from the trip.  Bret will be busy getting the new place clean, painted, shelved (new built in shelves and desk for me! yippee!), and sealed (the floors that is).  Then he'll have the furniture delivered right before we return.  

On top of the move and the trip I'm also a little distracted right now by the whole Leslie school thing.  Turns out we were given misinformation in regards to which high school the new house is zoned for.  Changing from private to public and middle to high is already a big deal.  But my poor little trooper has now been gearing herself up to start school in 3 different schools.  The school that it looks like she is actually zoned for would not be my first pick.  Or even my second.  But one of Leslie's good friends is going there and she seems happy with it.  I know that I tend to over think things & worry about the "what ifs".  I guess I need to just step back and see how it goes.  I am so proud of what a good student she is.  And the kind of person she is. I know that she will make good choices & the best of whatever situation she is in.  The mama in me just wants to keep protecting and watching out, I guess.  But I also know that I need to balance that protection and guidance with giving her some independence right now.  All part of growing up - for both of us, I guess.  

I have to end this little post.  A day of insurance agents, finishing up the packing, mailing out change of address cards, and lunch with my mom and Leslie awaits me . . . 

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