Tuesday, July 21, 2009

hello from michigan :)

hello. well, we've been in michigan for 11 days now. yikes. feels strange to be away from home for so long. 'specially since i still consider this to be home. when i'm in florida i am homesick for michigan and when i am in michigan i am homesick for florida. go figure.

camp update: so far, so great! les seems to be lovin camp. she calls almost every day and her little voice is just joyful. she is meeting new people, having new experiences, testing those little wings of hers. can't wait to see her this weekend though. driving up there with sal and kar to visit and drop off a care package. it will be 2 weeks since i've seen her! then she has one last week of camp and i'll have one last week of fitting in all of my favorite things to do in my home state: garage sales, antique hunting, lunching with friends, eating at junky big boy, catching up with all of the people i love and miss so much, walking along paint creek, enjoying all of the gorgeous flowers in bloom, talking hour long walks through the streets and looking at all of the cool old bungalows that bret and i would like to own one day, checking out fairs and farmers markets and all things michigan.

update on the new house: bret is going crazy getting our new home ready for us to move into when we return. painting. cleaning. building. planting. can't wait to get into it and start nesting. then i can finally turn my attention to the new school year . . .

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