Thursday, June 4, 2009


Dear Leslie,

I was so proud of you last night - up on that stage, so poised and grown up.  It has been everything to be your mom and watch you grow into the beautiful, caring, lovely young woman that you are. It's amazing really - to still see in you the seeds of the little girl you were and the sprouts of the woman you are becoming.  A heart that is brimming with compassion.  A knowledge of who you are and what you want.  An independent streak that sometimes challenges me.  A person who cares deeply about others and the world around you.  I love you, my girl.  And I am so thankful, every day, that I am your mama. 




leslie said...

dear mama,

"An independent streak that sometimes challenges me."

Poppy and Mei said...

Awwwwwww, you're a good Mumma.
Thanks so much for following along!
Could I ask you to pop back though?
After reading through your posts I think you could really help me...XXxx