Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm on Spring Break . . .

... and I should be doing this:
but instead I find myself occupied with this:

I am spending way too much time making these little glass tile necklaces.  I started off drawing/painting - branched off into looking through my sticker collection - discovered some of my vintage children's book art- and ended up spending an entire day involved in this!  I know that I'm procrastinating but I can't help myself.  Maybe today I'll get some packing done . . . but the beach is calling my name :)


Ms. Jessi said...

It's called spring "break" for a reason, Ms. Kat! :)

p.s. those tiles are adorable!

Steve and Stella said...

Sound like more fun then boxes

Kat said...

Jessi - Yes, but I still feel guilty . . . and, thanks :)

Stel - Way more fun.