Monday, February 22, 2010

check out what's growing in our garden

South Florida has a long and somewhat confusing growing season and I'm just getting into the swing of it after living here for seven and a half years. Many things are being planted right now because our nights are fairly cool and our days are warm but not hot. I brought up the idea of planting a garden in our play yard and the littles can't wait to start. I'm trying to recruit some green thumb parents to help out but so far no luck. I'd like to do a raised garden but I think that may have to wait until next year unless I get a huge bonus at work! So - we're starting on the small side with a container garden this year. The littles voted on strawberries and lettuce and tomatoes.

In the classroom we are: reading about plants, examining plants, painting flowers and painting with flowers, learning about the parts of a plant, and comparing different types of flowers. Today we set up a new garden center. I brought in plastic pots, silk flowers, garden gloves, little garden tools, and a toy wheelbarrow. Our process art table this week is full of grocery bags, paint, small paper plates, colored macaroni, pipe cleaners, Magic Noodles, colored pom-poms, and buttons. The littles are hard at work creating the most magical flowers and gardens. I love spring - even in Florida!


Teacher Tom said...

We've had a "garden" for years, but since we didn't have a proper sand box, we've mainly used it for digging. This weekend, we're installing a large sand box. This means we can return our garden to its original purpose. I can't wait to see what we grow.

Luckily I already have 4-5 green thumb parents chomping at the bit to get going!

Kat said...

Would any of them like a work-vacation in Florida? :)

Ms. Jessi said...

We have a large pot that we've attempted to plant wildflower seeds in. It hasn't worked very well. :( I'm sticking to the indoor plants in the classroom. They work out so much better! Good luck with your garden!

Ayn Colsh said...

Kat, I love the variety of materials the littles used! What great tactile experiences. It's still a little cold here in Ga., but we'll have a little patch for the friends to plant in soon.
After reading your post and the comments, I think this year I'll recruit a parent for gardening help since my thumbs are not very green. Thanks for giving me the idea!

Teacher Tom said...

Kat, I'll bet they would all come! We're all dying for a little sun about now!