Wednesday, December 23, 2009

When I was about 4 years old my mom had a miscarriage. I'm not even sure how I knew about it. I remember staying with my aunt and knowing that my mom was in the hospital and thinking that she was there to have a baby. For some reason this stuck with me all through my childhood and I always wondered if that baby would have been a sister. I loved my little brother but I really really really wanted a sister. Someone to dress up. To play dolls with. To tell my girly secrets to.

My brother went into the army and moved to Germany when we were in our early 20's. He called home and said he had a new girlfriend. He sent photos. He was crazy about her. When he called to invite me to the wedding in France I couldn't wait to go. It was an adventure. It was exciting. It was really outside my box. But most importantly, I was finally getting that sister. I think one of the first things I ever said to her was "I always wanted a sister."

Well, having a sister was everything I hoped for. While I didn't dress her up and we didn't play dolls, we did go shopping and do crazy art projects and take trips together and I did finally have someone to share my girly secrets with. I was devastated when many years later they divorced. But somehow she and I managed to stay friends and keep in touch.

And now she has an amazing little boy. She looks radiantly happy and I am beyond happy for her. She is such a good mommy already and her boy is a lucky little guy. And even though she is not my sister on paper any longer - she will always be my sister in my heart.

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Steve and Stella said...

Sister... you make me cry... I do miss our time together we had so much fun! I am so glad too we stayed in change but some things do not change. :-)
I may not be a good writer or express my feelings, but all our good times, nobody can 't take take away from us.