Sunday, March 22, 2009

sunday morning's 10 things

1. bret's making his yummy really thin pancakes downstairs in the kitchen
2. we found leslie's dress for graduation yesterday in boca (who knew it would be so difficult to find a white dress?)
3. we spent yesterday with char/carlos & it's always fun to hang out with them and laugh and talk and talk and talk (oh yeah, and eat)
4. in 2 weeks i am going to have 10 days to sleep in (love spring break)
5. have been thinking about 3 weeks in michigan this summer - that makes me very happy
6. thanks to stanley steamer my carpet is really clean and soft and fluffy
7. i found a new blog to follow: and rediscovered an old favorite:
8. i don't have any plans today and the day is stretched out before me - a nice big empty slate just waiting for me
9. matt nathenson's 'come on get higher' is playing in my head and i kind of like it as my soundtrack today
10. it is a beautiful sunny day :)

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