Wednesday, March 11, 2009

art girl

Okay, I actually have butterflies in my stomach right now. And they aren't even for me!!! Who knew that when you have a child they are forever connected to you with this invisible cord that allows you to feel their pain, and their joy, and their hope?! I just got off the phone with the admissions director at the camp Leslie wants to go to for three weeks this summer. Sleep away camp. Yes, I guess I figured that one day that little one who couldn't let me out of her sight would be ready to fly the coop. But who knew that I'd actually let her go? And, on top of it, I am so over the top excited for her. You'd think I was going. Okay, okay, I know, I am running ridiculously close to living vicariously through my child. But I am so happy that she is going to do something so potentially fun, and cool, and life changing. I just know that she is going to come home a different girl. Still my sweet girl. But my sweet girl full of her own independent experiences. My sweet girl who had a summer she'll never forget. My sweet girl who is ready to take on high school.


leslie said...

... having seperation issues, arent we now?

Kat said...

ummm,,, a little

leslie said...

you sure dont show it on the outside
this blogging thing really tells it like it is, eh

pjoyreed said...

Hi kathy!
LOVED the way you described the invisible connection, feeling our children's hopes, fears, etc... YES! That is how I feel at every bike race, award ceremony, art open house...etc! LOVE reading your thoughts...makes me miss you!!! :) love, Pam