Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to it . . .

Okay, the holiday is officially over. Back to work and school tomorrow. I can honestly say that my batteries are fully recharged. It was so nice to just be at home. But also nice to take some neat little short little trips not too far from home -orlando-boca-ona-boca again-key west. Today, to celebrate our last day of doing whatever we want, Leslie and I got hair-cuts at Aveda. What a nice treat. And it feels great to have new hair for a fresh start . . . Can't wait to see all my little people in the morning!

My big little person fell last night and gave us quite a scare. I guess playing with apps. and walking down the stairs don't go together. Somehow she ended up face first in the back of the wooden settle. A huge goose egg on her noggin, a sore jaw, and an enormous bruise on her arm to show for it . . . I kept checking her in the night to make sure she didn't have a concussion. Please stay safe and be careful, sweet girl.

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