Tuesday, December 23, 2008

new songs

leslie just gave me a very nice pre-Christmas gift . . . 54 songs downloaded to my i-pod!!! yeah! new music! actually, i think she has 4oo or so songs but only 54 were "mommy's music". i've been missing xm since they merged with sirius but i'm getting used to some of the new stations. i'm loving the new killers cd. also downloaded that cute song 'colors' from the dell commercial.

so, haven't really accomplished ANYTHING yet during this 17 day long break. but i still have time, right? i have lots of movies i want to watch and a few books to read and some organizing of scrapbook stuff and cleaning out leslie's bookshelf for donations and filing all the important papers before tax season rolls around (wasn't it just here?!) and maybe i will even work on an album or two . . . oh yeah, i want to make a new address book, too. while i was filling out christmas cards i realized that i have a lot of cross outs and old info in my address book - i need a clean slate i think.

okay, my thankful list for today (in no particular order) -
sleeping in
lunch with leslie at our favorite tea house
bret's yummy baklava for dessert
hot cider in the crock pot
empty laundry baskets
a fairly clean house
the smell of pine from the new soap in the kitchen
talking to sal on the phone this morning
my new songs

1 comment:

leslie said...

your so thankful mom gosh! haha oh yeah and stop obsessing over how dirty the house is. have you LOOKED AROUND? its spotless. our house is wayyyyyyy cleaner than ANYBODYS!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really dont think the showing ppl care that its dusted. well maybe they do. i i dunno. but if i was ever looking at a house, i would look at the actual house and not at the people's hygiene. but thats just me. these floridians are quite nosey