Monday, June 20, 2011

welcome summer

welcome summer
welcome lazy mornings
welcome riding our bikes to the library and the park
welcome picnics
welcome afternoons at the beach
welcome all the time in the world to do anything and nothing with my favorite girl

leslie,  i really love being your mom.  your presence on this planet - in my home - in my heart  - has made my life better, richer, happier, funnier.  i loved being your mom when you were a baby.  i didn't think life could get any sweeter than when you were a 4 year old slipping your hand in mine as we ventured off to explore the world outside our door.  i couldn't believe my luck when, at 13, you still wanted to hang out with us and let us in.  now, 16,  you are really more adult than child.  after having you off in chicago for a week on your own, i can see how much you've grown this year.  you are truly lovely.  inside and out.  i am blessed to have that invisible cord that connects us still intact.   i am getting used to sharing you with the rest of the world - but it's so sweet when you do come home.  welcome summer.

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