Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Little Robin Redbreast

When the northern part of the country has an especially cold winter, we will sometimes get robins that migrate this far south.  Being a Michigan girl at heart, I am beside myself with joy when I see them.  Alas, it is the time of year when all of the migrating birds leave us and try their luck up north.  I miss robins and eastern bluebirds and . . . chipmunks!  I miss them, too!  I miss columbine and trillium and  all of the other flowers I grew up loving.  I am doing a pretty decent job of embracing this place we have called home for the past nine years - but something about my birthday month gets me feeling a little nostalgic for the flora and fauna of my home state.

And so . . . we made robins.  And the littles kept calling them parrots.  And I really had to stretch a little to make this relevant for them but in the end they just had fun making Ms. Kathy's favorite bird.

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Anonymous said...

My son loves the song "Red Red Robin"! Maybe we'll make these today! Thanks!