Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Someday this girl of mine is going to be
off at college.  We won't be going out to lunch on a whim.  We won't have lazy afternoons to drink tea or have long chats about everything and nothing.  I won't get to hear the new song she just wrote or see every painting she's working on.  Yes, we will always be close.  She will always be my girl.  I will always be here for her whenever and however she needs me. Yet,  I can already feel how much I am going to miss her presence.  I think it will feel a little like a piece of me is off in the world somewhere.  

Yes, someday my girl is going to grow up and go out into the world.  But today . . . today we went for bagels and tea and wandered around Michael's and talked about things important and not so important.  Today was a good day and I'm glad that someday isn't today.


Steve and Stella said...

wWhoa so hard to believe she is now a young woman.. yesterday she was just a few months old. Whoa time fly!!!!

themagiconions said...

Oh gosh... now you've gone and made me cry. They grow up so quickly. Our job a mom is to make them ready to fly away into the world and yet the mere thought of them not being under our wings is enough to make me sob. Your words are beautiful and a real reminder that 'today' is a special day. Thank you... I'm going to give mine extra hugs and kisses tomorrow.
Blessings and magic,

Kat said...

Donni, thank you for your very kind words.
Stel, yes - - - time flies when we are otherwise engaged in this thing called living. Seems like just yesterday you and I were taking art classes together and making goofy projects :) Hug D. for me - I'd love to see you guys soon!