Friday, September 24, 2010

log hotel

I was first introduced to Log Hotels when my daughter was a toddler and we took several classes at our local nature center in Michigan. As part of each class we would take a walk in the woods, stopping to observe nature all around us. When we'd come across a fallen log we would stop to examine the plant and animal life that had moved in and taken up residence.

Our logs are painted forearms/hands. We used photos from old Ranger Rick magazines, stickers, foam leaves and acorns, and silk leaves to adorn our logs. Some of the littles really got into this activity - making up elaborate stories about the animals inhabiting their log hotels.


Jen said...

We made these too, this week! I love them!

Deborah said...

Cute! I keep forgetting to turn my sound down when I click on your link. I was at the school today and catching up on posts and then suddenly - I jumped when the music started! I had to hurry up and turn it down! LOL!