Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Homemade Life

Over the years I've kept journals or diaries from time to time. I like how it feels to write things down. I think that's why I was attracted to blogging in the first place. And why do I read blogs? I think it's the same reason that whenever I take a walk in the evening I can't resist peeking into open windows of the houses I pass. I like to see how other people live. I find it both comforting and fascinating to get a glimpse into someone else's life. With blogging, I also get to look into the classrooms of other teachers. Following these blogs, I am inspired and energized. They make me want to up my game.

I don't just read blogs about teaching, though. I am often lured to blogs by artists, parents, people interested in design, people that love food, people that love books, and photographers. From time to time, I also stumble across a book written by a blogger. For some reason I am cheered by this. Moving from the internet to something you can hold in your hand - something tangible - something you can keep. It's pretty cool.

Right now I am reading A Homemade Life: stories and recipes from my kitchen table by Molly Wizenberg who writes I've always loved her blog and her book does not disappoint. It's a biography and a cookbook. Her stories are funny and insightful and every single one of the recipes in the book makes me want to run into the kitchen and whip something up. Or ask my husband, who is actually the better cook, to do it for me.

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